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Welcome to Diplomat, the official website of Diplomat on the island of Ireland. Diplomat is the Island of Ireland’s Diplomatic and Consular news site and linked to diplomat.ie and diplomatni.co.uk which is the official Diplomatic news site incorporating Diplomat Ireland and Diplomat Northern Ireland. Diplomat is a foreign affairs news site for the Diplomatic, Consular, Political and Business community on the Island of Ireland and those globally with an interest in the Island Ireland.

Diplomat was established in 2010 and is owned by John X Miller, Honorary Consul of Hungary and Michael Mulcahy, Honorary Consul of Poland (Emeritus). Both Honorary Consuls saw through their respective diplomatic and consular work with their countries and their engagement with all other countries that had a diplomatic presence in Ireland, that the need for a diplomatic voice in media was important and necessary. As a result Diplomat magazine and diplomat.ie as its website was created. This was followed by its social media platform on Twitter @DiplomatIreland and on Facebook @DiplomatIreland which are now the most followed diplomatic social media accounts emanating in this sector from the Island of Ireland. In 2017 and in consultation with Jerome Mullen, Honorary Consul of Poland in Northern Ireland, Diplomat Northern Ireland was created with diplomatni.co.uk added.

In 2016, Miceál O’Hurley became a Contributor to Diplomat Ireland.  In 2020, Miceál was named the Diplomatic Editor of both Diplomat Ireland and Diplomat Northern Ireland.  With a background as Counsel in the United States Congress and a journalist covering wars, conflicts and genocides since 1991, Miceál has appeared as a Defense & Security Analyst for international television newscasts in Canada, the United States, United Kingdom and internationally.  Previously, Miceál was credentialed as a United Nations journalist in New York.   to He has been a nominee for journalist awards with the Overseas Press Club of America and The Society of Editors.  He is a credentialed journalist with the Foreign Press Association (FPA) and the Overseas Press Club of America (OPCA).

Diplomat is a mix of quality editorial, political commentary on local and world affairs and interviews with Ambassadors, Diplomats, Consular and business leaders. It is essential reading for those in the Diplomatic, Consular and Business community and those working in foreign affairs on behalf of the Island of Ireland overseas. With an audience of the Irish Government, the Northern Ireland Executive, the British Government, foreign governments, diplomats, politicians, and the business community, Diplomat is a resource for all people in government, Ambassadors and Diplomats at all Embassies accredited to the Republic Ireland and Northern Ireland, Ambassadors overseas, Consular Representatives based in Ireland and Northern Ireland, Consular Representatives overseas, Government Ministers, Members of Dail Eireann, Seanad Eireann, the Northern Ireland Assembly,  EU Commissioners and Members of the European Parliament, the Island of Ireland’s leading Chief Executives, Chambers of Commerce throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland, Businesses throughout the Island of Ireland, Business Associations, Promotional agencies on the Island of Ireland and overseas and the leading hotels on the Island of Ireland. The Diplomatic community on the Island of Ireland is a powerful economic force as well as a politically influential one.

Among the initiatives of Diplomat has been its key event, The Diplomat Dinner which is an exclusive connections event in the diplomatic calendar. In addition, Diplomat, now in its seventh year of operations  provides a comprehensive update on relevant issues in the Diplomatic and business world. diplomat.ie and diplomatni.co.uk promotes the island of Ireland at local, national and international level and its news is available on a free of charge basis to key decision makers in government, industry and other sectors at national and international level.

Diplomat is one of the leading diplomatic resources on Twitter on the Island of Ireland and our Twitter account @diplomatireland is one of the most frequented Twitter accounts for diplomatic interests.

We look forward to continuing to bring the Island of Ireland to the world Diplomatic, Consular, Political and Business community and ensuring that we promote the Island of Ireland to its maximum potential.