Diplomat Ireland Nominated in Society of Editors’ Press Awards 2020

 Diplomat Ireland Nominated in Society of Editors’ Press Awards 2020

Diplomat Ireland – the official website of Diplomat, the Island of Ireland’s Diplomatic and Consular news site on the island of Ireland – has been Nominated for News Website of the Year in the Annual Society of Editors’ Press Awards 2020.

Reflecting on the momentous year in which the world has lived through, executive director of the Society of Editors and chair of the judges, Ian Murray, said the press had performed its role remarkably under pressures previously unknown to this era, “In spite of the collective challenges, this year has proved more than ever the vital responsibility and achievements of national newspapers in providing trusted and essential journalism to individuals, families, businesses and communities.  The awards remain the most prestigious occasion in the industry’s calendar and we are determined to give full recognition of the quality, diversity and success of editors, writers and columnists in national news media.”

Diplomat Ireland & No. 1 Media CEO, Michael Mulcahy

Diplomat Ireland CEO Michael Mulcahy, whom together with John X. Miller, each of whom served as Honourary Consul for Poland and Hungary, respectively, founded Diplomat Ireland and Diplomat Northern Ireland in 2010 to help promote knowledge, interest and communications for the Irish diplomatic corps.  Both Honorary Consuls saw through their respective diplomatic and consular work with their countries and their engagement with all other countries that had a diplomatic presence in Ireland, that the need for a diplomatic voice in media was important and necessary. As a result Diplomat magazine and diplomat.ie as its website was created. This was followed by its social media platform on Twitter @DiplomatIreland and on Facebook @DiplomatIreland which are now the most followed diplomatic social media accounts emanating in this sector from the Island of Ireland. In 2017 and in consultation with Jerome Mullen, Honorary Consul of Poland in Northern Ireland, Diplomat Northern Ireland was created with diplomatni.co.uk added.

We are of course pleased to be Nominated in the Society of Editors’ 2020 Awards.  Over the past decade we have worked diligently to elevate coverage of Diplomacy in Ireland, the diplomatic corps and the issues that underpin Ireland’s relationship with the international community and they with each other” said Mulcahy.  “The initiatives we began in 2020 were very well received by the public and acknowledgement by our peers in the journalistic community is both rewarding and encouraging.


Various Diplomat Features – 2020


In 2020, Diplomat Ireland kicked-off a series of topical interviews with Ambassadors from around the world serving in Ireland addressing the impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic and how it has effected diplomacy.  Other initiatives included video broadcast interviews with Ambassadors using Zoom to help Ambassadors stay connected to others in the diplomatic corps and the wider community while public appearances and interaction were largely curtailed by the Pandemic Restrictions.  The series began with the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium, His Excellency Mr. Pierre-Emmanuel De Bauw and continued with Her Excellency Mrs. Patricia Cortes Ortiz of Columbia and the Russian Federation Ambassador, His Excellency Mr. Yuriy Filatov.

Miceál O’Hurley – Diplomatic Editor

Diplomatic Editor Miceál O’Hurley also began a series of quarterly, comprehensive interviews with select diplomats from nations in-the-news beginning with His Excellency Dr. Masoud Eslami of the Islamic Republic of Iran.  That wide-ranging interview, which ran twelve, four-column pages, covered a gambit of current issues to help readers better understand the nation and its diplomatic efforts within the context of the international community.  O’Hurley, who also received praise for his coverage of the Tigray conflict in Ethiopia which included an interview of Ethiopia’s Ambassador to Ireland, His Excellency Mr. Eshetu Dessie Hordofa, also was noted for his interview of Dr. George Soroka of Harvard University’s Ukrainian Studies Institute for an independent analysis of Russia’s attempt to annex Crimea, Sanctions and Human Rights Abuses since its armed incursion in 2014.

2021 will see Diplomat Ireland continue its extensive reporting on the Irish diplomatic corps with more robust coverage of Northern Ireland, including special features and reports.


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