When the Honorary Consul Emeritus John X Miller and his fellow Honorary Consuls Emeritus Michael Mulcahy were serving in consular roles in Ireland representing Hungary and Poland respectively, they decided to personally support the plan that the Ireland Government was developing for a Global Ireland approach to promoting and marketing the country around the world.  They established Diplomat as Ireland’s diplomatic news site to support the promotion of Ireland globally, the Global Ireland initiative as well as the support of the diplomatic and consular sectors in Ireland. Operating through the news site and its associated digital support channels support and promote the Irish Government and its Ireland has diplomatic relations with 161 countries and over 60 embassies are based in Ireland and numerous others are based in London that are accredited to Ireland. Over 182 languages are spoken in Ireland.

“Over the years and in speaking to so many people and companies in all parts of Ireland that have many people from different countries in their employment, we were asked if there was any event to celebrate these nations, their communities, their diversity and their civic contribution to Ireland. There wasn’t such an event in existence and in consultation with stakeholders we decided to create International Day as a brand to celebrate all that these nations and what their people contribute to Ireland” – John X Miller

“International Day will be an annual celebration that can be hosted on a specific day of choice by participants each year. However it is a programme for every day of the year. Starting with International Day 2020, our focus is two-fold. Firstly, to have stakeholders who are employers celebrating International Day with pride in their business or organisation each year in recognition of the nations and their communities that contribute to them and in turn contribute to Ireland as the host nation. Secondly, to host a celebratory event in Ireland for the diplomatic and consular community so that they are fully aware of the respect that our nation has for all that they do to assist Ireland” – Michael Mulcahy