New Business Association Collective Announced for Cork – International Opportunities

 New Business Association Collective Announced for Cork – International Opportunities

by Miceál O’Hurley
Diplomatic Editor


CORK – A new initiative to combine a number of business associations in Cork into a collective organisation for all parts of Cork City and County was launched on 1 June 2021.

Cork’s Business Channel Forges Comprehensive Business Collaboration Model
The initiative was launched by Little Island Business Association which represents Cork’s largest business district.  The new collective, known as Cork’s Business Channel, is a not for profit initiative and includes a total of eight independent business associations in key districts and areas of Cork City and County.  The collective will see the establishment and further development of:

Cork Docklands Business Association and Ringaskiddy Business Association were established in 2015 in advance of the infrastructural and state investment in these areas and Little Island Business Association was established in 2012

The CEO of Little Island Business Association and Cork’s Business Channel, Michael Mulcahy, said “This is something we have been working on for the past six years since Cork Docklands Business Association and Ringaskiddy Business Association were established originally in a response from business owners in these areas and in anticipation of the State investment in the critical infrastructure, to establish a similar business organisation to Little Island Business Association. In March 2021 the Government announced a €355m investment package for Cork Docklands while the €220m M28 motorway from Cork to Ringaskiddy is advancing.

After consultation with a number of business owners in specific areas it has been agreed that Cork Southside Business Association, North Cork Business Association, West Cork Business Association and East Cork Business Association would also be established so as to be fully inclusive of all parts of Cork City and County.

With 45,000 businesses, 265,000 employees in those businesses and a population of over 540,000 people that is expected to grow to 1m by 2040, every part of Cork City and County being represented by its own business association and being part of the collective model for all parts of Cork City and County will be hugely beneficial for every business and area that is part of it.

This new collective presents an opportunity for each area, with representation from each of the eight areas on its members council, to have both its own business association representing it and to fight for its interests, while the shared model of collaboration with its established team that will now exist for all parts of Cork City and County will benefit each of these organisations”.

Michael Mulcahy, added, “Cork is poised for exponential growth over the next twenty years and I believe that whether it is Cork City or North, South East or West Cork, every area needs strong representation that will promote it and fight for its future ensuring that it gets its fair share of investment and opportunity”.

International Opportunities
This new model of collective business association cooperation makes Cork the first City and Council in Ireland to develop this emerging model.  While each of the 8 business associations will continue to operated independently through their own digital channel, the additional streamlined site of the Cork Business Channel will streamline contact and facilitate enhanced communications to provide those who wish to do business in Cork an immediate and comprehensive depth of penetration with the Cork business community.

Cork City Council maintains a comprehensive web site with information to assist those would like like to explore Doing Business in Cork.

Diplomats, Consul and Trade Representatives who would like to learn more about business, trade and commerce opportunities in Cork can contact Michael Mulcahy  at 087 7768580 / 021 5003050.


Story Feature Photo:  Michael Mulcahy (CEO) and John Minihan (President) of Cork’s Business Channel

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